Four out of five weeknight dinners

Monday: Jac made chicken burgers. Panfried chicken thigh filets, lettuce, tomato and mushrooms in toasted focaccia. As you can see, she went heavy on the lettuce. Hahahaaa.

Chicken burger

P.S. I do like eating lettuce stems.

Tuesday: My day off. The cats and I fell asleep in the late afternoon, snuggled together and all toasty on the couch, and we all woke up and were blinking sleepily when Jac arrived home from work. For dinner, Jac made me fried eggs on toast, which she served up with leftover savoury mince from the freezer and the rest of the tin of baked beans which I’d cracked open at lunch time.

Eggs on toast, savoury mince and baked beans

As well as beef mince, the savoury mince consisted of carrots, onions, cabbage and spinach. Mmmmmm.

Savoury mince and baked beans

Freshly cracked black pepper on bursty egg yolks on buttered toast.

Eggs on toast

Wednesday: Jac made a fish casserole, which she baked in the oven topped with sliced potatoes. As I understand, the casserole was an amalgamation of a few different recipes, and had onions, peas, corn, snapper, mushrooms and a white sauce made with soy milk. Yes, I’m sure many of you are cringing “Ewwwww, soy milk?” but it was really very tasty.

Fish casserole

Fish casserole

Friday: Jac picked up some takeaway from Spencer Village after work. I requested a selection of old favourites from Fook Kee. Here we have the siew mai (steamed pork dumplings):

Siew mai

The loh bak (five spice meat roll):

Loh bak

Yong tow foo (stuffed bean curd):

Yong tow foo

Lof mah kai (glutinous chicken rice):

Loh mai kai

Chee cheong fun (soft rice flour rolls, topped with fried beancurd skin):

Chee cheong fun

We didn’t eat all of this in one sitting! But I did have a very nice plate of a little bit of everything.

My plate

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