A day off

I spent my day off mostly in a horizontal position. I put the DVD player on the coffee table, which I’d moved right next to the couch. On the coffee table I put a stack of DVDs, the TV, DVD and stereo remotes, and of course, an assortment of snacks. I lay on the couch all comfy and warm under a blanket. The cats thought this was heaven! They made themselves very comfortable on top of me – Pixel burrowed between my knees and Billy Lee on my tummy facing me, with her paws on my chest. I could eat and change DVDs without having to get up or disturb the cats – it was great! I did get up to go to the loo, make a cup of tea and to make lunch – an old favourite, fried SPAM and egg, rice and baked beans. I really needed to do nothing for a day – just veg out and be completely lazy. I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2, which I got for Christmas but didn’t get a chance to watch until Tuesday (yeah, really!) and multiple episodes of the Gilmore Girls (I’m currently halfway through Season 3).

SPAM and egg, rice and baked beans

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