Another birthday in the office

It was my boss’ birthday this week, and she very generously got a beautiful assortment of pastries, cakes and tarts from Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie for everyone to have for afternoon tea. I felt a little bashful asking if I could take photos of someone else’s birthday food, but my workmates have definitely got into the whole food blogging thing and exclaimed, “Quick, get your camera, TFP!” My boss assured me she really didn’t mind, and so out came the camera. See why I think my workmates are just the coolest? :)

In this box, strawberry tartelettes, lemon meringue tartelettes and mixed berry tartelettes.

A box of fancy tarts

The vanilla slice (or should I say mille-feuilles?) was amazing. That cream was just amazing. The chocolate cake was soft and moist, with surprise hit of booziness somewhere in the centre.

Vanilla slice, berry tarts and boozy chocolate cake

These things are extremely difficult to cut (we cut each of these slices you see here into smaller pieces to share around), and the very last bit of vanilla slice was left in box looking sadly squished like creamy roadkill. Mmmmm, creamy roadkill… I confess I did eat part of a cream skid mark off the box.

Vanilla slice

Mmmmm, shiny glazed tartetlettes…


Berries and custard tart

Lemon meringue tart

Mystery tart

P.S. Paul, I do plan to try a JC’s sausage roll one of these days!

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