Curry is both ugly and beautiful… and surprises are great!

The leftover brinjal bhaji which I took home from Chutney Mary’s was faaaaantastic. I ate it for dinner on the next night with rice and fresh cherry tomatoes and cucumber. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – gee, curry’s ugly, innit? :) It’s ugly to look at, but beautiful to eat.

>Leftover brinjal bhaji with rice, fresh tomatoes and cucumber

Jac flew to Kalgoorlie on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with her brother, his partner and their kids before they leave Western Australia as they continue their adventure driving around Australia. Jac’s mum’s also in Kalgoorlie for the weekend – she went by train. Me, I haven’t accrued leave yet since I only started my job fairly recently, so I’m home with the cats. Jac rang me last night to let me know she’d arrived safely and was having a great time (oh… and some soppy stuff I won’t get into :)). She said her brother didn’t say anything to the kids about Auntie Jac coming to spend the weekend. He just took them out for a drive to the airport “to look at the planes”, and they had a great surprise when Auntie Jac walked out of the arrivals gate! I can just imagine the huge grin she would’ve had on her face when she saw them – I know she’s really missed being able to see them every week. Jac’s brother didn’t tell the kids that Nanna would be coming either – and so they were surprised all over again when she arrived! I miss being a kid sometimes.

Jac arrives home on Monday morning and will go straight to work – I’ll see her on Monday evening.

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