Two Japanese meals and The Old Lady

I didn’t plan to have Japanese for lunch AND dinner on Wednesday last week, but it just worked out that way. I had no problems whatsoever with that – I love Japanese food!

For lunch, I went to Nippon Fare on Hay St and got takeaway teriyaki soba (stirfry with soba noodles, chicken, vegetables and that yummy bright pink ginger). Although I usually prefer fat noodles to thin ones – I like egg noodles more than I do rice noodles or vermicelli, for example – I think I actually prefer soba noodles to udon noodles. I did what I usually do when I eat a Japanese stirfried dish which has been garnished with strips of bright pink ginger – I mixed the ginger all through the noodles. Everything tasted so fresh and delicious. The chicken was tender and the cabbage was perfectly stirfried – it was still crisp but didn’t taste green (you know the taste of raw green vegetables? I think of/refer to this taste as “green”). I really like cabbage cut into biggish squares like this too, gives me something to really bite and chew on.

Teriyaki soba

In the afternoon while I was still at work, Jac rang and asked if I’d be happy with Japanese takeaway for dinner that evening. Since I’d had noodles for lunch, I chose a rice dish for dinner. Rice and… no surprise, more chicken! I could eat chicken, chicken, chicken all day. I arrived home first after work and set the coffee table ready for dinner in the lounge. I got the next Murder, She WroteSeason 1 disc ready to go in the DVD player. Yeah, we’re really just a couple of happy old farts who are perfectly content sitting in our trackie daks eating takeaway food and watching Murder, She Wrote. :) This TV show reminds me of my grandma – she used to like the show even though due to the language barrier she didn’t understand the dialogue very much – she would still look forward to watching what she called “The Old Lady Show” (she’d ask my brother or me, for example, “Is “The Old Lady Show” on tonight?”). Grandma’s descriptions of people she saw in the media were simple but quite accurate – e.g. Angela Lansbury/Jessica Fletcher (“The Old Lady”), and Kim Beazley (“The Fat Man” – I remember her asking me after an election if I’d voted for The Fat Man).

Back to the Japanese. We hadn’t discussed entrees, but it’s always a safe bet I’l have room for a yummy starter – Jac got us a serve of gyoza to start our meal – chewy dumplings with a meat and vegetable filling.


I chose for my main dish chicken katsudon, which features a rather large deepfried crumbed chicken fillet (large, deepfried and crumbed, truly a winning combination of attributes to associate with chicken!), served with rice and cooked sliced onion and topped with a very eggy sauce.

Chicken katsudon

Jac had a serve of miso soup…

Miso soup

… and teriyaki fish with rice and salad.

Teriyaki fish, rice and salad

We traded tastes (we both agreed we liked each other’s dishes but each preferred our own) and discussed, as I am sure many others have over the years, how “The Old Lady” Jessica Fletcher should really have been barred from going anywhere, as someone gets murdered wherever she goes.

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