Dinner at Roxby

On Friday night, we went out for dinner with some of our friends at a Thai restaurant in Willetton called Roxby.

We ordered three mixed entrees – each mixed entree plate (AU$7.50) consists of a fish cake, a spring roll (filled with minced chicken, vegetables and water chestnut), a golden bag (filled with mized chicken, prawn and vegetables) and a curry puff (filled with curried minced chicken, mung beans and potato), served with a selection of dipping sauces. My favourite were the curry puffs. So tasty, no sauce necessary.

Mixed entree

We chose a few mains to share. Jac was keen on the larb ped (AU$18.00), a sort of roast duck salad – sliced duck with cashew nuts, chilli jam, lemongrass, coriander, fish sauce and lemon juice.

Larb ped

We also had the mixed seafood claypot (AU$27.50)- filled with barramundi pieces, prawns, fancy cut squid and scallops. I thought the fish, prawns and scallops were yummy, but the squid was, sadly, on the hard, rubbery side.

Mixed seafood claypot

The seafood claypot comes with salad or rice – we chose salad as we were already ordering rice for the table.


For the curries and stir-fries, you can have your choice of meat (chicken, beef, lamb), seafood (prawns, fish, scallops, calamari or mixed seafood) or vegetarian with tofu. We had the phat khing – a stir-fry with fresh ginger, onion and mixed vegetables with chicken (AU$16.50) .

Phat khing with chicken

We also had a roast duck red curry – I this is called gaeng ped(AU$19.00) on the menu.

Duck red curry

The sizzling satay lamb (AU$17.50) was delicious.

Sizzling satay lamb

I had a couple of rounds of food. This was the first.

My plate

Roxby is located at 1 Yampi Way Willetton. The food was delicious – I especially loved the duck dishes -the duck was lean and meaty and amazingly tender. The service was very ordinary – it really was too much hard work to get someone’s attention simply to order a drink, and we were never offered coffee or dessert, which was a shame as we would’ve probably had coffee and dessert but didn’t think we should have to ask to have our coffee and dessert order taken. Although we enjoyed our dinner very much I don’t think Jac and I will be hurrying back – though I was intrigued by the “Old time favourite” category on the menu, which features a selection of non-Thai dishes including pork ribs served and salad and chips, and the Barramundi Delight, which according to the menu is panfried barramundi with garlic butter served on homemade potato cake and sauteed bok choy topped with creamy garlic sauce. Mmmmm.

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