tfp vs. the curry paste jar

And so on Thursday I got the coconut milk on my way home from work so I could make the Thai green chicken curry while Jac was at hockey training. Everything was all set. I put the rice on to cook. I sliced the chicken thighs, I sliced the fresh green beans and the tinned straw mushrooms. I had the coconut milk ready to go. I switched the electric fry pan on, ready to brown the chicken. All I had to do was open the jar of Asia at Home green curry pasteand dump it in with the chicken. Oh dear. I hadn’t realised what a bitch those jars are to open! I tried opening it with my bare hands first, then red hands protected with a tea towel, then after running hot water over the jar, then the tapping around the jar lid with a knife trick, then back to now very sore bare hands with a lot of swearing and yelling. Lots and lots of swearing and yelling. And still more. The opening of the jar was taking so long I had to switch off the electric fry pan. I was just starting to think that I would to have to tell Jac I couldn’t make the curry because I couldn’t get the jar of curry paste open when I suddenly felt a click and the jar was finally open. Bloody hell. By the time I got back to making the curry my hands were all red and raw, and I’m not exaggerating. Yeah, I know. So pathetic. But in the end, thank goodness, I wasn’t defeated by the curry paste jar.

Thai green chicken curry

The curry turned out yummy. I had another serve for breakfast the next morning, and Jac took the rest to work for her lunch.

Thai green chicken curry and rice

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