KFC is both so good and so bad

On Monday this week I finally caved in and had KFC for lunch. It was just a matter of time, wasn’t it? She lured me in through the doors with her persistent and seductive siren smell. In circumstances such as this I think you just have to give in to the irresistible/inevitable, feed your craving and enjoy it.

My Original Recipe Two Piece Feed came in a box – how long has KFC Red been this dark shade of red? I really like it. I like how the Colonel picture on the box is no longer just a stylised head with a cravat hanging below a suggestion of a goatee – over time he has developed a neck, chest and shoulders, and even a skin tone! I like his apron too – it’s very “Adidas tracksuit”.

Fooling around with my camera occasionally results in slightly weird shots like this. You see the chicken on the left and my bread roll and potato and gravy on the right. But you really can’t miss the chips, which appear to be doing their best to burst out of the picture. They look like they’re about to take off. Heh.

My chips are about to take off!

My favourite parts of the chicken to get when I eat KFC (or any other takeaway chicken pieces) are (in order): 1. thigh, 2. drumstick, 3. wing, 4. anything else is disappointing. It’s unusual for me to get BOTH a thigh and a drumstick when I order a Two Piece Feed, and so on Monday I thought I had hit the Two Piece Feed Jackpot when I opened the box (I’m sure you are sometimes thrilled by things other people would think silly or insignificant. That’s just one of my little thrills!).

KFC chicken

I enjoyed this greasy lunch very much – Ohhhh, there is nothing like original recipe KFC skin! Forget Popcorn Chicken and Nuggets, just sell SKIN! – but I think I won’t need to eat KFC again for a while.

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