MYO Toasted Sandwich

I made a toasted sandwich at MYO the other day – another typical tfp sandwich, really: chicken, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, chutney, boiled egg and swiss cheese. I should’ve left it in the sandwich press just a little longer – although the fillings were warm, the cheese definitely needed to be meltier. I think I let the woman who was waiting next in line to use the sandwich press psych me out with her accusing grumpy “I’m bloody starving- just hurry up, won’t you!” eyes. I’m not blaming her for my unmelted cheese – I blame me, for being a considerate wimp.

MYO Toasted sandwich

P.S. The photo depicts both halves of my toasted sandwich, stacked one on top of the other. I didn’t actually make a double decker mega toasted sandwich!

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