Two dinners

Two dinners from this week – first, a chicken and vegie stirfry served on rice. The chicken was marinated in chilli sauce and hoisin sauce and whatever else Jac thought to chuck into the marinade – it was delicious!

Chicken and vegie stirfry with rice

Second – creamy chicken burritos. The recipe for the creamy chicken came off the back of the paper towel that Jac uses at work (yes, really!). I don’t know if she kept the recipe, but I hope she did, as it was really tasty! I do know that the creamy chicken is made with a tin of condensed milk as well as Mexican seasoning. I have no other details though – I’ll try to ask Jac about it when I see her next. I do hope she saved the paper towel with the recipe on it.

Creamy chicken burritos

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