Friday work food – Fantasian Noodle Bar

On Friday, I had lunch with one of my workmates at Fantasian Noodle Bar (located at Shop 8, 29 Station St in Subiaco), on the Woolworths side of the train station. My lunching companion (I must get her to choose a pseudonym) had the Singapore fried noodles.

Singapore noodles

I had the char kway teow. I think our dishes were around the $9.00 mark, but I can’t remember. I’ll look up the prices on the menu I have in my drawer at work and update with the prices when I’ve done so. Our noodles really hit the spot.

Char Kway Teow

After lunch we stopped by Cafe Cafe (located at Shop 20, 29 Station St, opposite Woolworths) and got a brownie for $5.00 for dessert. $5.00 may seem expensive for a brownie, but it was 1) big and 2) unbelievably velvetty, gorgeous and rich. I think everyone in the team got to try some! I love brownies like this – soft and chewy and so good I licked the bits of the knife after I cut a piece off – not the cakey crumbly kind. I suppose velvetty said it all. I could’ve and should’ve just stopped after velvetty.


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