Thursday work food

For breakfast I had a Grilled Chicken Baguette from Hungry Jack’s – just the baguette (AU$4.95), no fries or soft drink. This is currently one of my favourite breakfasts. I don’t have it all the time, but I really love it and enjoy it when I do. If you eat this, be careful to watch out for sauce dripping out from the other end of the baguette when you bite.

HJ's Grilled Chicken Baguette

For lunch I grabbed takeaway Singapore fried beehoon (thin rice noodles) from the Chinese place at the Pavilion Markets. I always enjoy this – it’s tasty and garlicky and full of yummy bits, including three bursty prawns (they are always bursty!), fish cake and chicken. It’s missing the hint of curry flavour I like Singapore noodles to have, but it’s really good.

Singapore Fried Beehoon

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