Good fries, bad fries

Good fries: I was naughty and had fries at breakfast on Wednesday morning (I told myself: fries, hash browns, hey, they are both deep fried potato products! That’s true, isn’t it?!) . I had a grilled chicken baguette meal at Hungry Jack’s. So the meal wasn’t completely bad, I mean, at least I had fresh lettuce and tomato in the baguette! I love how HJ’s offer their whole menu at breakfast time – regular readers will know very well how much I love having a burger for breakfast. I was the only person out of the six or so other customers at the time who ordered a non-breakfast meal, and so these fries were cooked to order for me. They were so fresh, so crispy, and sooooo good.

Good fries

Bad Fries: compare how the HJ’s fries look to these McDonald’s ones I had recently.

Bad fries

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