Work lunches

Monday: two salads in a small container and a cup of soup at MYO. I didn’t particularly feel like soup and salad, I mean, it is soooo NOT a meal I would normally choose, but I wanted something quick and easy, and because I’d eaten four slices of toast for breakfast I really didn’t want to eat a sandwich. Yeah, I had four slices of toast – two fruit loaf and two multigrain, but I was hungry again by 10am. Anyway, I chose a pasta salad with lots of sundried tomatoes, capsicum and black olives (I still don’t care for olives and ate around them), and coleslaw, which was quite good. I found two pieces of pineapple in the coleslaw, which I presume got in there by accident. I must declare however that pineapple is surprisingly quite nice in coleslaw. But then, I like pineapple in otherwise savoury dishes.

Two salads from MYO

The soup smelled nice but was very bland. I liked that there were little cubes of potato in it, but sadly, the croutons really were the best part. I should’ve just filled the cup up with croutons, and THEN topped them up with soup. And added salt.

Potato and leek soup with lots of croutons

I took a photo of my workmate’s sandwich too. This is the kind of sandwich Jac would make. Not me. Beetroot – nooooo!

Workmate's sandwich

Tuesday: chicken kushi bento (AU$7.30) – two crumbed chicken skewers, rice and pickles, from Nippon Fare. I’ve been eyeing off those crumbed chicken skewers for weeks and finally decided to try them myself. They put the chicken skewers on top of the rice and then drizzled barbecue sauce over the top. When I took my first bite I realised that it wasn’t just chicken on the skewers, it was chicken and chunks of onion, very shishkebab-like. I guess the onion is quite hidden by the crumbs, and because the description on the menu board doesn’t mention onion I really had no idea there was onion there until I bit into it and thought “Hey! That’s not chicken!” Anyway, the chicken and onion skewers were really tasty. I think teriyaki chicken will still be my favourite dish to order, but I’m sure I’ll have chicken kushi bento again sometime in the future. It’s good that they add barbecue sauce though, it would be very dry without it.

Chicken kushi bento

I ate my chicken kushi bento with a garden salad, after which I had to check my teeth for the presence of black sesame seeds. Now those things are evil! They hide during my after lunch teeth inspection and sneakily reappear later to startle people I smile at. Poppy seeds do that too. I’m not fond of either for that reason. I love the dressing the salad comes with – not only is it delicious, I love how it comes in a little bottle.

Garden salad

Wednesday: a white bread roll filled with chicken, sundried tomatoes, swiss cheese, mushrooms, cucumber and lettuce, from MYO. Again, I wasn’t really in a sandwich or bread sort of place, but it was quick and convenient. I love the roast chicken at MYO. This time they’d chopped it up more finely than usual, but the flavour was great as usual.

MYO bread roll

Thursday: char kway teow from Subiaco Pavillion (AU$8.50 from the Chinese place next to Gelatino). It is loaded with chicken and fish cake and comes with three bursty prawns – really delicious. This will probably become one of my regular lunches.

Char kway teow

Friday: gozleme from Subiaco Pavillion. I asked for lamb, spinach, sundried tomato, mushrooms and eggplant, but I got lamb, spinach, sundried tomato, onion and fetta. I asked for salad and got salad and hommus. Two of my workmates asked for hommus and didn’t get any – they split my hommus between them. I don’t like fetta normally but I quite enjoyed it for a change.

Goz innards

Thank goodness I got my salad -the last time I ordered salad I didn’t get any. The goz place doesn’t seem to cope well with multiple orders.


One of my workmates asked for sundried tomatoes but didn’t get any. Another found jalapenos in her goz – no, she didn’t ask for jalapenos. I swapped her a piece of my goz for one of hers. I thought the jalapenos were quite nice in the goz but gave each mouthful a big kick. I think if I’d eaten a whole goz with jalapenos in it I wouldn’t be able to taste anything by the time I finished it due to mouth numbness. Despite all the stuff-ups and surprises, I enjoyed my goz. It wasn’t as oily as it sometimes is, and the salad was lovely and fresh-tasting.

Foodjunkie's goz with jalapenos

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