Surprisingly, no ma po tofu!

My sister Juji came over late Sunday arvo with her boyfriend Jay. We just hung out and chatted and watched Gilmore Girls, and when dinner time came, we ordered some home delivery Chinese.

We got deep fried hors d’oeuvres – the samosa-shaped thing is a curry puff, the spring roll-shaped thing is a spring roll (duh!), the sesame seed covered triangle partly underneath that is prawn toast, and the other round thing you see is a deep fried dim sim. These came with a container of disconcertingly fluoro orange dipping sauce, which we didn’t touch.

Mixed deep fried hors d'oeuvres

Jac and Juji voted to have our old favourite of pork chops with Nanking sauce. They were just as tasty as ever.

Pork chops with nanking sauce

We also got braised beef with mixed vegetables. It was okay, I suppose – nothing spectacular. We won’t be ordering it again in a hurry. The flavour of the sauce was nice and garlicky, and the vegies were good, but the beef was a little disappointing. Alton Brown might suggest that they needed to cut the beef across the grain rather than with the grain (see this page, Scene 10 – The Kitchen). It wasn’t exactly tough, but it was a little on the chewy side – and you can clearly see in the photo at least one or two piece of beef that have been cut with the grain. Tsk tsk. Heheh.

Braised beef with vegies

Jay chose the squid with spice and pepper. When I first saw the squid all battered like this I didn’t think it would be very nice, but how wrong I was! It was fantastic! (Of course if you are not into battered food you’ll hate it anyway). The squid pieces inside the spice and pepper batter were, surprisingly, beautifully tender, and it was all made even more tasty with lots of chopped garlic, onion and sliced fresh red chilli. This dish would probably be even more unbelievable if you ate in at the restaurant – the batter would’ve soggified somewhat during the home delivery journey. We’ll definitely order it again, soggified or not.

Squid with spice and pepper

We did have a vegie dish, of broccoli with oyster sauce.

Broccoli with oyster sauce

We chose another dish, Japanese tofu with chicken. Sorry, I didn’t take a photo of it. The tofu was Japanese-style fried tofu with the soft, almost custardy interior, and it was cooked in a eggy sauce with lots of chicken mince. It was really tasty, another one we’ll have again. We also had special fried rice too, another of our usual dishes. Here’s my plate, round one.

My plate

It was nice having company for dinner, and it was great having a couple of new dishes as well as a couple of our favourites. I had leftovers the next morning for breakfast too, mmmm.

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