Ham steak and eggs win!

This morning Jac made me a bowl of porridge. The oats kind of porridge. She’d bought some Uncle Toby’s Instant Oats to use in a recipe (I don’t know what recipe) but didn’t end up making that recipe and now we have a box of porridge oats to use up. This was a purely experimental bowl of porridge because I’d never eaten porridge made from oats before. I know people who ate oats porridge as children and people who eat it now as adults but I myself had never eaten it until this morning. For me, the verdict on porridge is: yuck! The experiment failed spectacularly. I tried the porridge with maple syrup but I found the texture (like pre-chewed then spat out food) and flavour (well, lack of flavour) most unappealing. After a few valiant attempts to consume the porridge (I counted three and a half mouthfuls chewed and swallowed) I just couldn’t do it any more. Jac asked if a ham steak and fried egg would be more to my liking. What do you reckon I said?

To go with the ham steak and fried egg Jac cooked up a pan of fried tomatoes-onions-and-cubed-potato. We had cubed potato leftover from Friday night which we’d cooked for minchee, some leftover chopped onion which I didn’t use in the vegie stir fry, and tomatoes that were just begging to be chopped up and fried. The fried tomatoes-onions-and-cubed-potato tasted great. I think it may have to become a regular breakfast side dish.

Ham steak, fried egg and fried tomatoes-onions-and-potato

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