Monday work food – guilty!

This is the first of what should be multiple posts today. I’m having a hard time writing today – just don’t feel like it, to be honest. Mondayitis usually starts for me late Sunday afternoon, but today I woke up with it.

Last Monday’s lunch: KFC Original Recipe Two Piece Feed – two pieces of chicken, chips, potato and gravy and a bun. I know I’ve said this before but I really miss the old KFC buns – they had no sesame seeds on them and were sweeter and chewier. I asked for a thigh piece and got one. It was so good. The chips were fresh and crispy and had the perfect amount of salt on them and the chicken was moist and juicy (yes, I saved my pile of skin to eat last of all – slowly – so I could really savour the taste – I would b e the first in line to buy the KFC Original Recipe Skin Box if they ever came up with one). I hate how guilty I always feel after I eat KFC – the remorse of a KFC junkie. I know it’s bad for me, I really do, I know, I know. That’s why I don’t eat KFC more often – I could easily eat it every week. The number of times I have resisted stopping into KFC to get a KFC nugget snack – you really have no idea.

KFC Two Piece Feed - box closed

KFC Two Piece Feed

KFC Original Recipe Chicken

KFC Chips

Potato and Gravy


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