Tuesday Work Food – bad luck day

A couple of little mishaps occurred on Tuesday. First, I stacked it on the escalator at the train station. I have no idea what happened. I was just walking up the escalator – I quite often walk up the escalator as a form of minimal sweat, low effort exercise – and then suddenly something tripped me up and as I reached out to break my fall with my hands (preferable to doing so with my face) I felt my right knee making contact with the hard metal stripey teeth of an escalator step. Ow! (Luckily I wasn’t right at the top of the escalator when this happened, but I kept having visions of a Eugene Tooms-esque demise). The guy who had been standing on the step behind me asked, “Are you OK?” – and he did sound genuinely concerned – but I was so embarrassed that I ignored the surge of pain in my knee and palms and picked myself up, intent only on getting the hell out of there as quickly as possible, but I remembered my manners and before making my escape, replied, all calm and composed, “Yes, thank you, I am fine.” On autopilot, I legged it off the escalator and didn’t stop walking until I was standing in front of the bakery at the top of the train station. Then I stopped to examine my trousers which were miraculously not at all damaged – and my now skinned and bleeding knee. You know, I took off so quickly from the escalator that I never even saw what the concerned man looked like. Obviously my embarrassment was much more significant than the injury to my knee and temporarily gave me super powers to make a swift escape.

Since I was now standing in front of the bakery I decided I would get myself a piece of banana cake. Don’t they say, “Skin your knee, eat some banana cake”? (No, they don’t, I just made that up). Sadly, it wasn’t very good banana cake. It was nowhere near bananary enough – it tasted mostly of cinnamon, which wasn’t great as I’m not a big fan of cinnamon. Even if I loved cinnamon, a cake tasting that strongly of cinnamon should be call cinnamon cake, not banana cake! It wasn’t a complete loss though – the icing was buttery and delicious. I won’t be racing back to buy more again though.

Banana cake

Lunch was one of my standard combos – teriyaki chicken and potato salad from Nippon Fare. But then the second mishap of the day occurred. One minute I was sitting there, tucking in hungrily and really enjoying my lunch, then next minute the wind had picked up my teriyaki chicken, swept it off the table and threw it on the ground, bringing an abrupt end to my teriyaki chicken lunch. I’d eaten half of it. I’m sure the expression on my face – a sort of stunned horror – was just hilarious, if anyone was watching. It was such a shame, looking at the pieces of teriyaki chicken on the ground, with rice scattered everywhere looking like someone had thrown up. What a waste. My mum’s saying of “Big germs eat little germs” rang in my head, but you will be pleased to know I resisted the urge to eat the chicken off the footpath. I sat and finished off my potato salad, which thankfully, I’d hung onto grimly with a vice-like grip as soon as I realised the teriyaki chicken was bye-bye.

Teriyaki Chicken

Potato Salad

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