A bowl of noodle soup, shared

I almost forgot to post this!

We went to the shops on Thursday night and shared a bowl of char siu wantan mee for dinner. I usually have it dry style, but Jac was in the mood for soup, and so soup style it was (I don’t dislike soup style as such, just usually prefer dry style). The vegies were way overcooked – but we’ve eaten many a dish from this place for years and the steamed green vegies have always been overcooked – but the five wantans were really good and porky, and the char siu was very tender. The broth was lovely – I could’ve done with a deeper bowl that held more soup. The mentioned minor gripes aside, I really enjoyed this. We both did. And it was really nice sitting there sharing a bowl of noodles with Jac. At one stage, both eagerly sucking up noodles we almost accidentally did a Lady and the Tramp! Awwww.

Char siu wantan mee soup

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