Mushrooms, bacon and cream, mmmmm

Last Saturday evening, Jac decided to whip up a dish to use up half a jar of cream and half a bag of large mushrooms we had in the fridge – as she often cooks, there was no recipe as such – she fried up some bacon, chopped onion and garlic, added herbs and white wine (I didn’t even know we had white wine in the house!), the cream and the mushrooms (for this dish Jac removed the mushroom stalks for ease of cooking in the pan) . The fried bacon smelled wonderful as it always does, and as the sauce bubbled in the pan, getting browner and richer, my mouth was watering like you wouldn’t believe. When it was ready and Jac presented me with my share, I ate slowly to really savour the taste – it was just so delicious and I knew there just wouldn’t be enough! It would’ve been gorgeous as a pasta sauce, with the mushrooms sliced into smaller pieces, but I really enjoyed carving the big meaty mushrooms with a knife and fork. That sauce was bowl-licking good, and that I did.

Mushrooms and bacon in cream and white wine sauce in the pan

There was bacon in the actual sauce, but Jac also held some back, which she added to the dish at the end just before serving – that’s why in this photo you can see lovely pink bacon sitting on top of the creamy brown sauce.

Mushrooms and bacon in cream and white wine sauce

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