Friday night pizza

We knew the weather would be crappy last night – I’d watched the sky turning greyer all day peeping through the blinds at my window, and when I’d gone out to get my lunch the wind was picking up and getting pretty gusty. I got drenched on the way home walking from the train. And so when Jac got home it was a pretty easy decision to just get pizza. Too lazy too cook, weather too shitty to drive anywhere. We had a coupon for pizzas for $10.95 delivered – I chose a BBQ chicken and bacon pizza on thin n crispy crust.

BBQ chicken and bacon on thin n crispy crust

Jac chose one of the new pizzas – “The Lot”, on classic crust.

The Lot on classic crust

The operator who took my order managed to sell me a garlic bread for an additional $2.00. I do prefer thin n crispy crust but it was really good having the thicker, chewier classic crust for a change.

Pizza and garlic bread

It’s a Dixie Chicks night here – now watching Live at the Kodak Theatre.

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