Not a particularly interesting food week

It wasn’t a particularly interesting food week. Most days I actually thought it was a pain in the bum having to stop and eat. I did eat, of course – I wasn’t about to risk having hunger pains to deal with on top of anything else, but I didn’t have time to really enjoy anything I ate for lunch.

Friday’s lunch was teriyaki fish and vegetable tempura from Nippon Fare. I think the red pickles must be standard now. I think I preferred the green.

Teriyaki fish and rice

Vegetable tempura/div>

As I type this I’m watching my Dixie Chicks AOL Sessions DVD – god, I love them, they are so talented. Whenever I watch this I think about the concert last year and that great weekend Jac and I had (post 1, post 2). Which reminds me too – I need to buy a new guitar.

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