Just add chicken

We made last night’s dinner out of a box – Patak’s Butter Chicken Kit purchased from Woolworth’s Supermarket – just add chicken! Making the meal was easy peasy – we just followed the instructions. Jac browned 500g of chicken and then added the butter chicken sauce mix and let it simmer for 15 minutes or so. I cooked the saffron rice (there were real threads of saffron in the rice!) in a saucepan on the stove, and last of all just before serving then brushed the pappadums lightly with oil and microwaved them. It was a very easy meal to prepare, and yummy too! The pappadums are weeny, but there are eight of them. The meal kit is designed for four, but there’s no way it would be enough for four adults with decent appetites! Jac and I pretty much finished it all between the two of us. I suppose if you had a starter and dessert afterwards it might be enough. :) I’ve eaten more delicious butter chicken here and here, but the Patak’s butter chicken kit is definitely a handy box to have in the pantry!

Butter chicken, saffron rice and pappadums

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