HJs for breakfast

This morning I would’ve had a slice of meatloaf for breakfast, but for some reason I felt kind of nauseous this morning, at the time I would normally have eaten breakfast before leaving home for work. Luckily my stomach settled down by the time I got to Subiaco, and I decided to grab breaky at Hungry Jack’s. The sausage and egg muffin and hash brown really hit the spot – the sausage, the egg, the rubbery cheese, it was soooo good. I read the newspaper as I ate, and my horoscope said I’d have a three-star day (their maximum is four-stars). I admit, it was a better day than many I’ve had lately. It wasn’t completely free of Mondayitis, but it wasn’t too bad. Do you guys suffer from Mondayitis? I start feeling it on Sunday afternoon, which is terrible, but I can’t help it. It’s how my annoying brain works. And do you believe in horoscopes? I don’t think I do, really. Though the Geminis I have known really do seem to behave like Geminis. :)

Sausage and egg muffin (wrapped) with hash brown

Sausage and egg muffin with hash brown

Hash brown

Sausage and egg muffin

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