The rain chose the venue

At lunch time today, workmate Chad and I went for a walk – she needed to drop by the bank before we grabbed a bite to eat. It had been raining pretty much all day, but while we were in the bank it started to rain REALLY heavily, absolutely pelting down, and because of the wind I think, the rain was coming down practically horizontally! Chad and I had planned to grab lunch from Nippon Fare, but there was no way we wanted to walk in that rain, and so when she had finished her banking we decided we’d have lunch somewhere close by, so we wouldn’t have to cross the street or brave walking in the rain. Shame there was no food available in the bank – it was nice and warm in there. :)

We ended up in Sapori, pretty much next to the bank. We checked out the food on display – pumpkin soup, a few pasta dishes, a selection of focaccia/sandwiches – Chad selected a focaccia while I chose pasta. Chad’s focaccia did smell good when it arrived. I don’t mind a savoury-filled toasted focaccia, but I have to be in a specifically bready mood to eat anything vaguely bready for lunch.


Chad also had a cup of coffee, which she said was really strong.


My pasta was penne with chicken, mushrooms and prosciutto in a tomato sauce. It was really, REALLY delicious! I was surprised how yummy it was. I’m not a fan of powdered parmesan, but the whole dish tasted really good – the chunks of chicken were tender, and there was lots of mushroom, and the sauce was tasty – I’d definitely eat this again. The pasta and a small bottle of apple juice came to $16.00. A little more than I like to pay for a work lunch, but definitely do-able every now and then.

Penne with chicken, mushrooms and prosciutto

In the end, it was nice to sit and have lunch in a cafe rather than grabbing some takeaway and whisking it back to the office. I was quite happy after all, that the rain “forced” us to change our lunch plans. :)

Looking back at these recent posts I’ve noticed a distinct lack of greens – don’t worry, I made sure I had some spinach with dinner this evening. Let’s face it though, cooked spinach isn’t very food porny.

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