Argh! I had photos of my lunch yesterday to post – Thai red curry chicken and rice from Han’s, which was delicious and looked great with the chunks of chicken, bright red capsicum and crispy green beans – but when I tried to download the photos from the camera I got the dreaded blank screen and CF Error. All the photos I had stored on the memory card, a 1GB Kingston CompactFlash card, were gone – the count had gone from hundreds to a big fat zero. Luckily I’d downloaded all of them except two days’ worth of lunch photos. The card is stuffed – it won’t reformat, and if I try to take photos while it’s still in the camera it won’t let me save, so I can’t actually take any photos using it.

Thankfully I have a spare old CF card I can use for the timebeing – this one is only 256MB but it will do for now. Hopefully I will be able to get a replacement 1GB card on warranty (the cards have a lifetime warranty), but I’m now thinking about getting a new camera anyway – have been thinking about it for sometime. Jac is keen to get my current camera if I do buy a new one. This one, not yet released, sounds/looks good. I’d go for the FX33 so I can get the optional underwater case for when we go on holidays by the sea – I love taking photos at beach, as you may have noticed from our last holiday (scroll down on that page to see my sea/beach shots)! More specs available here. I’ve been reading reviews to get an idea of what’s out there these days in terms of features and specs, but do any of you have any cameras to recommend? Obviously you’ve seen the sort of photos/shots I like to take.

And now I’m late – better run.

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