Just a quick note before I run off to work – I have a bunch of emails from readers and friends I am yet to respond to, sorry for the delay! I hope to reply to all sometime this week when time permits.

EDIT, Monday 23 July 2007 5:06AM: Jac was sick all this week – and unfortunately it was my turn this weekend. I did make it to Dymocks with Juji early on Saturday morning to join the hoards waiting to get our Harry Potter 7 books as soon as the store opened, but I spent most of the rest of the weekend in bed. Consequently I haven’t emailed anyone or updated the site. Sorry!

EDIT, Friday 27 July 4:36AM: My apologies for the lack of updates. Unless something unexpected occurs there will be updates this weekend. I have been replying to emails but still have a pile to get through. I appreciate your patience!

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