Work lunches

Here’s where I begin trying to catch up!

Monday last week, 16th of July. My workmate Chad and I had a sandwich/bread roll from MYO. This was Chad’s sandwich. She is very good at making sandwiches that are loaded with fillings yet look neat and tidy as well as delicious. Her desk is much neater than mine too. :)

Chad's sandwich

In contrast and to illustrate the point, here’s my exploded multi-grain bread roll, stuffed with roast chicken, cos lettuce, fresh mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, pineapple, corn kernels, cucumber, sweet chilli sauce. It may sound like a strange combination of fillings (I know a couple of people whose tummies will be churning at the thought of pineapple, corn kernels and sweet chilli sauce!), but it was really tasty. It’s actually quite remarkable that I could even get my mouth around that bread roll. I don’t think I have a particularly large mouth, but I surprise myse;lf sometimes!

My exploded bread roll

Tuesday last week. Jac stayed home, sick. She had a terrible cough, threw up a few times and sweated like crazy. She ended up staying home for the rest of the week. I reluctantly left Jac at home in bed with a big thermos of hot tea, a pile of books to read and a stack of DVDs to watch if she felt up to it, and two cats ready and eager to snuggle all day if necessary (and they pretty much did that!). I told Jac to call me if she needed anything, but I think she just slept for the most of the day (happy cats!). For lunch I had BBQ pork rice (AU$8.95) at Han’s.

BBQ pork rice

The BBQ pork and rice is supposed to come with a bowl of soup, but they forgot to bring it and I ended up having to ask for it. The plate of BBQ pork and rice arrived and looked and smelled great, but after five minutes I realised the soup wasn’t on its way. To be completely honest I really didn’t care that much about whether I actually ate soup (hmmmm – can you eat soup as well as drink it?) but it was just the principle of the thing – my $8.95 included soup and I was going to get the soup, damn it! As it turned out, the soup came with lots of fresh coriander floating in it and that’s all the soup ended up tasting of. What a shame – as many of you know, I really can’t stand the smell/flavour of fresh coriander. Oh well. I got my soup. :)

The forgotten soup, too much coriander

Wednesday last week, and another MYO lunch. I can’t remember exactly what I had in this one, but I remember it involved curried egg.

Bread roll

Chad made herself a toasted sandwich, see the melty stringy cheese?

Chad's toasted sandwich

I’d been fervently hoping I wouldn’t get sick, but by Thursday I was starting to feel a little crook. I woke up in the middle of the night with a pounding headache and I’m sure I had a fever. I didn’t have a temperature in the morning when I woke up but I felt queasy, stressed and was secretly miserable for most of the day. I just had too much work to do – it’s terrible, but I felt like taking time off would just make things worse for me when I returned. In the end all I ate for lunch that day was a steamed red bean bun. I couldn’t manage anything else. I knew I was starting to fall ill but refused to admit it to anyone – including myself. I didn’t want to stuff up Harry Potter weekend – that’s what I’d been calling the weekend of the 21st of July, in my head. I’d been so looking forward to the weekend. My sister Juji and her boyfriend were coming over on Friday night – they were going to cook dinner and bringing a trifle for dessert, and Juji and I planned to go along to Dymocks early on Saturday morning to pick up our pre-ordered copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It was going to be so cool and there was absolutely no way I was going to stuff up our plans by being ill. I finished work as early as I could, had some tinned soup for dinner and then crashed in bed really early.

Friday last week – I felt like crap but was still in denial about being sick. I joined the team and had gozleme for lunch. I did feel a little queasy after eating my goz, but didn’t say anything. I just kept telling myself if I could just get through work then it would soon be Friday night and if I could just get through dinner it would soon be Harry Potter day and if I could just get through that then I could rest at last and admit I wasn’t feeling well. Maybe.



I got lots of capsicum in my goz although I hadn’t asked for any. Lucky thing I like capsicum, eh?

Gozleme innards - loads of capsicum

On a completely different note (well, perhaps not that different), look at what I’ve just ordered! I’m soooo not a jewelry or accessories person, but for some reason this really appealed to me. I guess it’s not so much about accessories as it is food – the idea of wearing miniature sushi around my wrist pleases me. :)

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