Rewind the clock back to last week again…

Last Monday’s dinner – a breakfasty meal of beefy sausages, fried eggs and baked beans.

Sausages, eggs and baked beans

Tuesday, a turkey steak, salad and a buttered slice of wholemeal bread.

Turkey steak, salad and buttered bread

Wednesday, Jac rang me at work and said she felt like Chinese food. Although I didn’t think she’d really eat any once I brought it home, I stopped by a Chinese restaurant in town on my way home and picked up some Chinese for dinner. This was the special fried rice:

Special fried rice

I also got one of Jac’s favourites, beef and black bean.

Black bean beef/div>

She also likes salt and pepper chilli fish (anything in well seasoned batter is a winner for her!).

Salt and pepper chilli fish

And for vegies I got tofu with vegetables.

Tofu with vegetables

It was all very tasty (Jac did manage a small serve of rice, fish, tofu and vegies), but then later I got the post-MSG terrible thirst – I call it the insatiable thirst. I had it for almost a week after eating this. That insatiable thirst is just the worst – it hurts to swallow and no amount of drinking or sweet foods can counteract that harsh saltiness that I continue to taste. I don’t know when I developed a sensitivity to MSG but I’m going to have to be more careful about how much of it I eat in future. I don’t care how good any food tastes – nothing, absolutely NOTHING is worth the suffering afterwards.

My plate

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