Fighting sickness

Friday night last week. We’d bought ingredients earlier in the week according to Juji’s written instructions, and then on Friday night Juji and Jay came over and made dinner – chicken thighs, sliced chorizo, potatoes, tinned chickpeas and tinned tomatoes bunged in a tray and seasoned and then baked in the oven. I just wish I hadn’t been feeling crook – I would’ve eaten a lot more but I was still battling queasiness. I was still suffering the insatiable thirst too, which didn’t help. I wasn’t in a very good way but as I’ve mentioned earlier didn’t want to say anything and wreck our planned Harry Potter day.

Chicken, chorizo, potato, chick pea and tomato casserole

I’d like to try this dish again when I’m not feeling crook. The cooked tomatoes were really tasty, and the chicken was lovely and tender. As Jac was still recovering from being ill, neither of us ate anywhere near what we’d normally be able to manage. Luckily, we froze the leftovers so they won’t be wasted.

My plate - steaming!

The trifle Juji and Jay made was YUM.


Tinned pears are so good with jelly, cream and custard.


On Saturday morning Jay very kindly got out of bed and drove Juji and I over to Carousel so we could be there for 6Am-ish (the store opened at 7AM). I knew he’d be up for a snack and so I shouted them Bacon and Egg Mc Muffin Value Meals (with hash browns and coffee) at McDonald’s – I had a slice of the Banana and Date Thick Cut Toast. After eating, Jay left Juji and I to join the crowd of excited Harry Potter fans waiting for the doors to open – he was going back to our house to go back to bed! There were a few dickheads among the crowd this time round, banging on the roller doors and being generally obnoxious and idiotic. It could have been ugly when the doors opened and people started running to get to the front of the line. Juji and I ended up being among the first ten or so people to get our books – she rang Jay and sweet-talked him into coming back to pick us up as it was raining by then – he’s so sweet, he came and got us even though he’d only been back sleeping a short while. Back at our house, Juji and I covered our new books, and then she settled in the lounge to read while Jay went back to bed, and I joined Jac and the cats too, back in our warm toasty bed.

When we woke up the second time that morning, we ate ham and cheese croissants and chocolate croissants which Juji’d bought and heated in the oven.

Savoury and sweet croissants

Soooo good, especially the melty chocolate filling in the chocolate croissants. I felt a little guilty thinking how fatty croissants are, remembering that I hadn’t had the energy to exercise all week. But croissants taste so damn good. I knew I would probably fade soon after Juj and Jay went home, and that I did. I slept most of the day and read my new book in short bursts in between sleeps. Jac made me boiled eggs with soldiers for dinner, served to me on a tray in bed. I think I must’ve finished the book at around 10PM.

Ham and cheese croissant

I won’t say too much as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read it, but overall I enjoyed the book. There were a number of incredibly sad moments, but a number of very satisfying ones too. I’ll have to re-read it a few more times before I can decide where I rank it amongst all the HP books.

I really enjoyed having Juji and Jay over, and I did enjoy Harry Potter weekend, despite feeling sick. I’m just glad I didn’t miss the event! I ended up spending most of the weekend in bed doing my best to rest and recover, but I was there on Saturday morning with the girls with lightning scars drawn on their foreheads, people wearing Gryffindor scarves and dressed in capes and waving fake wands. It meant a lot to me to be there and it was great to have my younger sister with me. :)

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