Trio of noodles

Welcome to this week! On Wednesday, my boss, workmate Chad and I had noodles from Han’s for lunch. Both my boss and Chad asked if I’d like to photograph their lunches! That’s pretty cool, eh?

My boss had the seafood stir fried fresh noodle (AU$8.95), which were udon-style fat noodles with seafood and vegies.

Fresh noodles with seafood and vegetable

Chad ordered the pad thai (AU$8.95), which came with quite a bit of fresh cut chilli.

Pad Thai

I had good old Han’s stir fried noodle (AU$8.95), which were as saucy as ever, loaded with BBQ pork, prawns, squid and fish cake.

Han's stir fried noodle

We had lunch rather late and were all starving – we practically inhaled our noodles!

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