Tuesday work food

Unbelievable! I’m actually posting on the day I took this photo! That hasn’t happened in a while, eh? I don’t know if I will have the time or energy tomorrow.

Today, my favourite workmate to have lunch with said she felt like having a sandwich, which was soooo not what I felt like! We walked out of the office together at lunch time but went separate ways so she could grab a sandwich and I could devour another chicken and rice dish somewhere.

And so, in search of chicken and rice I returned to Han’s. I ordered the soya chicken rice (AU$8.95) and an apple juice (AU$2.50). The soya chicken rice is simply steamed chicken breast, sliced and served on rice and topped with soy sauce and sweet, absolutely delicious caramelised shallots (and maybe garlic, I couldn’t tell exactly), and finished off with the contrast of chopped fresh spring onions. On the side are a couple of slices of cucumber and julienne carrots in a tangy dressing, kind of like a light pickle, but with the carrots still quite fresh and firm. The caramelised brown bits on top of the chicken were so good. The flavour of the soy and brown bits tasted quite similar to the Japanese chicken rice dish I’ve eaten there previously. The chicken today was a little dry, especially the end pieces – but I still enjoyed the dish overall. I ate it all. There was a little chicken skin attached to a couple of the slices, which I was quite pleased about, of course. I think the green curry chicken I had yesterday is a much better dish – I’ll definitely have the green curry again soon, not sure about this dish. There are other dishes on the menu I plan to try – including one featuring rice and a pork chop. Ooooh.

Soya chicken rice

Still, as something relatively tasty to fill my tummy as I sat alone and read my book, this dish did the trick.

Not sure what I will do for lunch tomorrow. Thursday I am meeting one of my sisters for lunch. Not sure about Friday. And then it will be the weekend. I know it’s only Tuesday but bring on the weekend! Hahaha.

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