Foody Friday

We had gozleme for lunch on Friday at work – I had what’s become pretty much my standard order: lamb, spinach, sundried tomato and mushroom (AU$10.50). I think next time I might go vegetarian (shock, horror!) and try a potato goz.


At around 3:30 we had afternoon tea to farewell A, who’d been working with us for the last couple of months while some of our team have been on leave. Friday was A’s last day with us. She’d brought in a chocolate, coconut and cherry cake from Michel Patisserie.

Chocolate, coconut and cherry cake

We all thought the cake was pretty nice, but A herself reckoned it wasn’t anything amazing. To be honest though, I think a cake would have to be pretty damn disgusting for us to think it was bad! A said she’d selected it purely on appearance – she’d rather liked its toasted coconut flake-studded looks. To a fan of toasted coconut it would probably look pretty spectacular. The cake was covered with a light chocolate butter icing and then the coconut flakes. I love butter icing so much! That was my favourite part of the cake.

Chocolate, coconut and cherry cake - view of the coconut flakes

The cake itself was moist and soft. I thought there should’ve been a little more cherry in the centre (though if there had been too much cherry it may have then tasted too much like Black Forest cake – and I don’t always like Black Forest because it can get rather soggy because of an abundance of cherry). Although it was a nice rich brown colour, the chocolate cake didn’t have a particularly strong chocolate flavour. A couple of people thought it would’ve been nice to boost the chocolatey-ness of the cake with chocolate curls instead of all that coconut.

Chocolate, coconut and cherry cake - chocolatey wedge of cake

As we sat there eating cake, Jac sent me an SMS asking what I wanted for dinner that evening – since it was her pay day she was planning to grab some takeaway from the Roman Palace Restaurant. Woo hoo! I love talking about future meals while eating the current one. :)

Jac got home a little after I did, around half past six, and dinner was served! We had garlic bread (AU$3.50):

Garlic bread

Jac got herself Tortellini alla Panna (AU$13.50) – veal and beef filled pasta in a creamy smoked bacon sauce. Jac enjoyed using the garlic bread to soak up every morsel of sauce possible as she ate.

img src=”” class=”flickr-photo” alt=”Tortellini alla Panna”>

I had the Spaghetti Marinara (AU$14.00), which is fresh seafood (prawns, squid rings, fish pieces and mussels) in a napolitana sauce with a touch of cream. As usual I got Jac to ask for it minus the mussels. I’ve now eaten this dish three times, dining in and takeaway, and on every occasion the prawns have been way overcooked. Everything else was delicious though – the squid was amazingly tender, and that sauce was really tasty.

Spaghetti marinara

We also shared an Italian salad ($6.00), just a garden salad with olives and an Italian vinaigrette. This was tangy and fresh and was a lovely accompaniment to the rich pasta dishes.

Italian salad

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