Sunday breakfast

So far I prefer not to use the Food scene setting on my new camera when taking food photos. Here’s this morning’s breakfast, taken using Macro mode, ISO 200 with flash set to OFF. I think it will take much more experimenting before I know exactly what I’m doing.

For our breaky this morning, Jac decided to use up what she could from the fridge/freezer. She fried up the last of the turkey and pea patties and served them with fried eggs and her breakfast beans (I hereby christen thee!) – this incarnation of the beans consisted of baked beans, bacon, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes and sliced Plumrose brand tinned frankfurters – I’d opened a tin of those sometime ago, eaten most of them, Gladwrapped the last two, put them in the freezer and completely forgotten about them. They were great in the breakfast beans dish.

Breakfast beans, eggs and turkey patties

That’s me up to date for now. I’m off to arrange our DVDs on the new shelf in the lounge.

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