Two chicken and rice dishes

I am still mad annoyed that as a result of my failed memory card last week, I lost my photos of the Thai red curry chicken and rice (AU$8.95) I had for lunch at Han’s on Tuesday. I was hoping to return to Han’s armed with my camera and spare memory card, to re-enact that experience just for you guys (hah!) but didn’t get a chance to dine in again at Han’s this week – just no time. On Thursday when one of my workmates offered to pick up takeaway lunch from there, I asked for Thai red curry chicken and rice. It doesn’t look as good squished in a takeaway container, but it was just as delicious.

The chicken is breast meat – Han’s seems to use only breast meat for all their chicken dishes – and also in the curry there are sliced bamboo shoots, red capsicum, crisp green beans and wedges of tomato. The curry gravy is really delicious and not too spicy – and they really filled the box up with it. As I prised the lid open I had to be really careful not to let the gravy leak everywhere. Very tasty.

Thai red curry chicken and rice

We had a new guy start at work this week. He seems like a nice guy, and he seems to like our crazy cake-guzzling team so far! I should ask him to choose a pseudonym, as “New Guy” won’t apply indefinitely, and it sort of sounds disparaging (I assure you, it’s not meant to be!). His lunch choice from Han’s was the soya chicken rice (AU$8.95), which I’ve had before (see dine in photo here).

Soya chicken rice

Chad had pad Thai (AU$8.95), which she really loves, and our workmate who got our lunches had very saucy seafood stir fried noodles (AU$8.95). They were both so hungry I didn’t like to delay their eating by taking photos :).

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