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Monday: say it with me now – I will not go to Hungry Jack’s for breakfast before work… I will not go to Hungry Jack’s for breakfast before work… I will not go to Hungry Jack’s for breakfast before work… I will not go to Hungry Jack’s for breakfast before work…

HJ's grilled chicken baguette

I think I wouldn’t feel so guilty about eating HJ’s for breaky if I didn’t have the fries. But they cook them up fresh for me because at that time of the morning no one else asks for fries! Everyone else eats the hotcakes or breakfast wraps or bacon and egg muffins with hash browns. I never like to admit to comfort eating, but those fresh, hot, crisp fries just taste so good when I’m feeling depressed because it’s Monday morning. Not that they are a complete cure for Mondayitis – but the sensory pleasure is a temporary joy at least.

My fries-at-breakfast guilt continued into lunch time and I had a bread roll from MYO. I spread fruit chutney on one of the roll halves and piled on the fillings: roast chicken, cucumber, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and swiss cheese. Then, I suppose I made my lunch a little strange by adding some caesar salad to the other fillings. It was really yummy! The croutons added an interesting crunch, and of course bacon improves just about anything!

My roll from MYO

Chad made herself a toasted panini with chicken, cheese, sundried tomatoes and spinach. No weird spreads in sight!

Chad's toasted panini

Tuesday: I had lunch on my own at Han’s – Han’s rice noodle soup (AU$8.95). The broth was really tasty, and there was plenty of sliced BBQ pork, prawns, squid and fish cake. The noodles were great – thicker than bee hoon but still thin rice noodles. As usual, the bean sprouts were right at the bottom. I remembered to dig right in straight away and unearth them when I began tucking in. A really fantastic surprise was the inclusion of some very nicely seasoned pork mince. So very tasty.

Han's rice noodle soup

Wednesday: lunch was from Nippon Fare. For a change, I had the teriyaki tofu (AU$6.00, regular size). The tofu had a very thin coating of batter on it, which unfortunately was a little soggy by the time I brought it back to the office and actually ate it. It was still really tasty though. But I did miss having meat. I’m so pathetic!

Teriyaki tofu

I ate my tofu and rice with a side serve of the potato salad that I love.

Potato salad

Unfortunately, thanks to the wonky battery compartment door on my camera I lost the photos of Thursday and Friday’s lunches… as well as Friday dinner. I was so mad when I realised they were gone. To give you an idea of what was lost, on Friday evening Jac and I had a lovely dinner at a Japanese restaurant I forget the name of – it’s a little place downstairs, tucked down an alley off Hay Street, the end of the street where the Criterion Hotel is. We ordered two bowls of steamed rice ($2.00 each) and shared a few dishes. We had fried chicken (31. Tori-karaage $5.80), which was wonderfully gingery, deepfried baby squid tentacles on skewers with tartare sauce (41. Ika-geso $5.80), potato salad (AU$4.50) and my favourite – butter corn, which is corn kernels tossed in butter and soy sauce (for some reason didn’t write down the details – on the menu it’s simply called “butter corn” – think it was $3.80). Sounds so simple but it was heavenly. I could’ve eaten the corn just with rice and been perfectly happy. Actually, no, I would’ve been perfectly content with just the corn. The cool thing though is that Jac reckons she can make butter corn for me at home and will give it a go one of these days! The highlight for Jac was her yakitori – she chose skewers of teriyaki-flavoured livers (the other choice was salt flavour – either way it’s $3.50). She said it was cooked perfectly. Ewwwwww! The table next to us had a rather impressive-looking grilled mackerel served on the bone that smelled absolutely delicious. I think we will definitely have to return sometime. And I must remember the name of the place.

P.S. There is a chance the lost photos can be retrieved from the memory card. I could bring the card to the camera shop, pay $25 and get them to do it, or I could buy a card reader, download the software dc recommended and do it myself. It’s a matter of which will be more convenient, given how busy I will be this week. Grrrr.

I have some more news about the camera … stay tuned.

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