Two Han’s in a single day

On Tuesday night a few of us from work went to Leederville for dinner and a movie. We saw Michael Moore’s latest, Sicko. I must admit I’ve never been a fan of Michael Moore, and I’m still not. That’s all I’m going to say about that. :) I enjoyed going out on a weeknight for a change though.

We grabbed dinner at Han’s before the movie. Yes, I had Han’s rice noodle soup for lunch that day, but it didn’t bother me having Han’s for dinner as well! Chad ordered the tom yum soup, which arrived in an impressively large bowl. Even though tom yum’s not something I’d order usually, it smelled really good to me!

Tom yum soup

S had prawns basil and a serve of steamed rice. They look good, don’t they?

Prawns basil

Since Han’s in Subiaco doesn’t offer any roast duck dishes, I took my chance to eat roast duck at Han’s in Leederville, and ordered the roast duck rice. The rice and duck came with a dish of sweet chilli sauce. I’m sure I looked disgusting to my workmates, picking up the pieces of duck using my fingers (but seriously, you can’t eat roast duck with knife and fork!) and ripping the meat off hungrily with my teeth! I’m also sure the pile of bones I left on the plate looked frightful too. Heh. It was rather good. Very oily and fatty and most definitely not something one should consume regularly. It’s probably a very good thing that Han’s in Subi doesn’t have roast duck. You can’t really tell from the photo, clump of rice was sitting in a pool of hot duck sauce, which I burned my tongue on. I must blow on first mouthfuls… I must blow on first mouthfuls…

Roast duck rice

The roast duck rice was served with bowl of soup, which was lovely, with chinese cabbage floating in it. Soooo good.


My other workmates who had dinner with us had pad thai and chilli chicken rice. I thought I’d spare you more photos of those dishes. :)

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