Do the hoki

On Tuesday night, Jac made a delicious dinner with fish and vegies. Using hoki fillets – I think these were New Zealand hoki, which we bought from the supermarket frozen – she layered: fish, sliced fresh mushrooms, a little butter, finely chopped garlic and fresh silverbeet, then more mushrooms, more garlic and more fish, and topped that with a little more butter and more silverbeet again. She wrapped that up in silver foil and baked it in the oven.

Raw ingredients assembled

She served the fish with oven baked carrots, butter corn and homemade potato wedges. The carrots were simply peeled and baked in a little oil on an oven tray; the butter corn was just tinned and drained corn kernels zapped in the microwave and tossed with butter and soy sauce, like the butter corn we ate recently at a Japanese restaurant; Jac washed the potatoes and left their skins on, cut them into wedges and parboiled the potatoes – the wedges were then dredged in a mixture of wholemeal flour, powdered paprika, a little cayenne pepper and chicken salt and then popped into the oven.

Baked fish, carrots, corn, potato wedges

The wedges turned out crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. I ate them dipped in aioli.

Homemade wedges

Carrots, corn, potato wedges

The fish was lovely. I suggested to Jac that the silverbeet would be easier to eat if she cut the leaves into bite-sized (or at least smaller-sized) pieces next time, but it all tasted so good – everything in the foil parcels was flavourful and moist. The silverbeet was so tasty baked like that!

Close up of baked fish, mushrooms and spinach

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