Work lunches

Monday: from Nippon Fare, teriyaki chicken sushi (5 pcs, AU$4.40) and inari sushi (2pcs AU$3.70).

Chicken and inari sushi

Chicken sushi

One of the inari was filled with sushi rice peppered with black sesame seeds – yummy. The other one had little wisps of green seaweed in the rice (sorry, no photo, but if you look carefully at the photo above of all the sushi, you’ll be able to see the little bits of green beneath the tofu skin). The sesame one had a little more flavour, I reckon, but both were delicious.

Inari innards

Tuesday: SRM, Chad and I had lunch together at Han’s. I tried the garlic seafood rice (AU$8.95), which was very nice, but not as garlicky as I thought it would be – although there were little bits of garlic throughout, you can see in the photo, there wasn’t really THAT much garlic to be found – in fact, the overall flavour of the sauce/dish was tomatoey, sort of sweet and sour. The seafood was cooked to perfection – bursty, juicy prawns and smooth, tender squid, and fish balls – of course they aren’t difficult to cook right!

Garlic seafood rice

SRM ordered the wantan egg noodle soup (AU$8.95) after seeing mine the week before. My wantans had been fried ones, but SRM had boiled ones in his soup. He gave the dish the thumbs up.

Wantan egg noodle soup

Chad ordered the squid pepper rice (AU$8.95). I’d shown her my photo of this dish recently when I got back to work from lunch – a 3-inch LCD screen on one’s camera is very handy to showing off photos! – and Chad had been keen to try it herself. She really enjoyed it. See the squid pepper rice I ate here – do you reckon she got more squid than I did? :-P

Squid pepper rice

Wednesday: SRM and I returned to Han’s the next day, and I had Thai green curry chicken and rice (AU$8.95) .

Thai green curry chicken and rice

SRM had the chilli chicken rice (AU$8.95).

Chilli chicken rice

According to SRM, even chilli chicken rice needs more chilli!

Chilli on the chilli chicken rice

Thursday: SRM and I went to the Pavilion Markets to grab some takeaway for lunch. He went to the Japanese stall and ordered their special for the day, a karaage chicken set (AU$6.50 – $7.50, I can’t remember exact price). Looked pretty good to me.

Chicken karaage set

I went to the Chinese stall and got Singapore fried bee hoon (AU$8.50). As usual, there were three bursty prawns – I love that they are already tailed – lots of fish cake, egg and tender chunks of chicken.

Singapore fried bee hoon

Friday: gozleme from the Pavilion Markets, with my favourite combo: lamb, spinach, mushrooms and sundried tomatoes, with salad on the side. As I waited with one of my workmates while they made our order (we ordered five goz in total, for us and hungry workmates waiting eagerly back at the office), I actually noticed and read for the first time the writing on the side of the goz stall – I wrote it down as I thought some of you might be interested: “A traditional Anatolian dish. It is made with dough, rolled very thinly, then filled with various healthy fillings, such as mince meat, onions, herbs, etc. The dough is folded over to enclose the filling, then cooked on a barbecue for a few minutes, without using fat. The result is a healthy, tasty and nourishing fat-free snack”.


The Pavilion Markets have been sold, and there’s a sign up saying it will continue trading until 31st December 2007. Quite a few stalls have already packed up and left, though. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to get goz and Chinese from those markets – I should ask them when they plan to leave.

By Thursday this week I had realised something: as much as I love Nippon Fare and Han’s, I think I’ve oversaturated my taste buds with their food/flavours. It took what… 6 months?! Heh. Next week, time and opportunity permitting, I hope to venture past my usual eateries to discover new dishes/places to grab lunch. Hope the weather isn’t too shocking so I can go walking in search of new luncheries. Yes, I made that word up. If I can’t find new places, I plan to eat new dishes i.e. those I’ve never eaten/photographed before. Should be good!

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