Dinner at Taurus

Jac and I met up with C, E and Em for dinner at Taurus Hawker Foods (Shop 10, 113 Collins Rd Willetton) on Wednesday night. I was a little worried that it would be too busy and we would have to wait to get a table, but the timing was perfect and we took over a recently vacated table as soon as we arrived.

Chicken rice is C’s favourite, and that is what she had.

Hainan chicken rice 1

She, Em and Jac had cendol.


I also had chicken rice. Something I love about Taurus is that when you order chicken rice, they ask if you want the leg or breast. Of course, I always have the leg. The chicken rice came with the standard bowl of chicken soup too (sorry, no photo). Can you believe this is the “small” size? The dishes come in large too, and they are gargantuan!

Hainan chicken 2

Em ordered the see hum char kway teow (char kway teow with cockles). I’ve never liked see hum – when I was a child I found their salty smell to be rather like blood, a very offputting bloody smell. As a result, I still won’t eat see hum.

See hum char kway teow

E had loh mee – I should really have taken a photo once she’d stirred it up and revealed the noodles lurking beneath. Like this, it looks like a glistening black swamp or tar pit!

Loh mee

We also got a plate of salt and pepper squid tentacles to share.

Salt and pepper squid

Jac ordered laksa. She enjoyed it, but it was very spicy-hot and made her nose run like crazy.


We ate and talked and laughed and had a great time. Em and E bought some takeaway for later. It was a shame it was a week night and we had to go home to bed! If I didn’t have to get up so early the next day, that chicken rice (and more chicken rice!) would’ve fuelled more conversation and laughter!

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