Saturday night mackerel

We bought a couple of fresh mackerel steaks at the supermarket for our dinner. Two steaks like this cost about AU$13.00. I suggested we cook them quite simply – season with salt and pepper, then grill topped with a little butter.

Mackerel steak

While the mackerel was grilling, Jac assembled an assortment of savoury sides to eat with the fish. Front L-R: roasted capsicum, hard-boiled egg. Back L-R: bread and butter pickles and fresh cucumber, sliced fresh tomatoes.

Side dishes

She also baked corn on the cob, which she served lightly buttered. The corn was a little old as we bought it a while ago and forgot about it until last night, but it was still pretty juicy – every time I bit into it the corn juice got me on my glasses (as in spectacles, not drinking glasses :)).

Baked corn on the cob

With a little of Jac’s homemade coleslaw, this was a most delicious meal. Pixel rather liked the smell of the grilled mackerel, and hung about the whole time, hoping for a little bit of fish. I think Jac gave her a little something.

My meal

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