Three dinners involving chicken

As the title suggests, here are three dinners we had this week involving chicken.

Monday: homemade chicken kebabs, made with Lebanese flat bread filled with marinated chicken, lettuce, tomato and rolled up. There was sauce in there – could’ve been barbecue and aioli. I’ll double-check with Jac and update/correct later on.

Homemade chicken kebabs

Tuesday: There was a lot of chicken left over from Sunday night’s fanily dinner, and Mum had given us some of the chicken to take home. Jac made fritters using finely chopped chicken and leftover unused cooked noodles we’d cooked for the noodle soup on Saturday night, which she bound with egg and flavoured with Chinese five spice.

Chicken and noodle fritters

They were yummy with tomato sauce.

Chicken and noodle fritter innards

We ate the fritters with more of the leftover chicken – with chicken rice, made using chicken rice mix from a jar. The fragrant, garlicky chicken rice with a little sliced fresh cucumber and our homegrown tomatoes was just beautiful – I was in heaven.

Chicken rice

Thursday: we got KFC via drive-thru after work – a Family Feast for $22.95 consisting of 10 pieces of chicken (we asked for all Original Recipe – 10 pieces provides enough for a good dinner plus a few pieces left for the next day), a large coleslaw, large potato and gravy and large chips. Yummy.

KFC Original Recipe, chips, coleslaw, potato and gravy

So sleepy! I might read this tomorrow and change what I’ve written. Meh *shrug*.

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