More work lunches, Tuesday to Friday

In case you’re looking for it, see Monday’s work lunch here.

Tuesday: I had lunch on my own at Han’s. I sat and read my current book – another Murder, She Wrote novel, Provence -To Die For (Yep, Jessica Fletcher is in France, eating croissants for breakfast and bringing murder to Europe!). I had two dishes – first, spring rolls (AU$4.95, 4 pcs). They were freshly deep fried, so very crispy and tasty.

Spring rolls

I felt like something simple yet savoury but not too heavily meaty – special fried rice (AU$6.95). This was delicious – but I thought there wasn’t enough *stuff* in the fried rice to make it *special* fried rice. When we have special fried rice from other places such as our regular home delivery place, the rice has egg, peas, carrot, champignons, bamboo shoots, chicken, beef, barbecue pork and shrimp in it. Han’s version featured a couple of prawns, some shredded chicken, egg and spring onions. Like I said, it was delicious fried rice – but not what I’d call *special* fried rice! In the end I couldn’t finish everything – I took home two spring rolls and half the fried rice. Yum, fried rice for breakfast the next morning.

Special fried rice

Wednesday: I’ve been aiming to eat new and never-photographed-before dishes wherever possible, but I felt like barbecue pork rice (AU$8.95), and so that’s what I had.

Barbecue pork rice

Again, they forgot to bring the soup. I got the manager’s attention and asked politely whether my soup was coming, and he said “Oh, you want to have soup?” I said. “Yes, please”, but in my head I was thinking, “It’s not a matter of me wanting to have soup – it’s that the soup is supposed to be included as part of the dish and I will have the soup because I’m paying for it!”


Thursday: S and headed to the Pavilion Markets, where she got herself a vegetarian curry combination from the Indian stall. She demolished/enjoyed it. :)

Indian vegetarian combination

I decided to try the curry laksa from the Chinese stall. This was pretty good, with three bursty prawns, fish cake, chicken pieces, bean sprouts and green Chinese vegetable, but the curry flavour was nowhere near as tasty as uni’s. The laksa at uni is still the best.

Curry laksa

Friday: S and I had lunch at the Sicilian Restaurant. We took advantage of their express pasta lunch specials and both ordered the linguine frutti di mare (AU$15.00) – the linguine with seafood (or I should say, “fruits of the sea”). You can choose to have your pasta with napolitana or white wine and cream sauce – we both chose the napolitana. The menu described it as featuring fish, prawns and squid, but instead of squid we got mussels, which was a shame because I don’t like mussels and won’t eat them. It was good for S though – she happily accepted my unwanted mussels. They were quite big ones too, no doubt a thrill for a lover of mussels. We both enjoyed our lunch – thumbs up for the yumminess. I loved the colours of the dish and couldn’t stop looking at and just taking in all that glorious red. The green herbage used as garnish looked pretty, but I kept fishing the bigger bits of it out of my pasta, because, as regular readers will know, I am not a fan of parsley!

Linguine frutti di mare

That’s it for tonight. Too sleepy to continue. More to come over the weekend.

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