When caesar salads just aren’t… caesar salads

On Thursday night, Jac and I . We’d both been craving a caesar salad, and having enjoyed the caesar salad at Dome in the city, we thought the caesars at Dome Carousel would satisfy our cravings. How wrong we were!

Jac ordered a caesar salad (AU$10.50) for herself, and a pesto chicken caesar salad (AU$13.95) for me.

So-called caesar salad

When the salads first arrived, we were very impressed to see they’d been served with bread and butter. Unfortunately, we soon realised the bread was stale and dry and very difficult to eat, even when buttered generously. And as we ate our salads we realised there were no croutons – none whatsoever. And the bacon seemed like mere scrapings, tiny little bits barely big enough to chew. They skimped on the parmesan too. The pesto chicken was served warm on the salad and was quite yummy, but I was rather dissatisfied with the dish overall.

So-called chicken  caesar salad

And what really irked me was the assortment of leaves in our salads. As soon as I began eating I noticed the presence of rocket (some of you will know this as arugula). And then English spinach. And other salad leaves I don’t know the names of. In the photo below, I assembled a line-up of leaves for you guys to see – the lightest green leaf on the right is cos. The other leaves are… well, not cos, and shouldn’t be there. I reckon they made the salads using those cheapie bags of mixed greens. Those leaves, plus barely any bacon and hardly any parmesan and zero croutons – not acceptable for a salad called caesar. These salads bore little resemblance to the caesars we’d eaten at the other Domes, and to the descriptions/photos in the menu.

Leaves line-up - NOT a caesar salad!

And here’s Jac’s caesar after she’d dug into it – again, not all cos.

Leaves line-up - NOT a caesar salad!

The salads were actually fairly tasty. If they hadn’t been called “caesar” I’d have been more forgiving. If I hadn’t previously eaten the so-bountifully-caesar caesar salads at Dome in Perth and Morley, I wouldn’t have been so disappointed. Shame about the stale bread too. I don’t know if we’ll be game to eat at Dome Carousel again.

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