Saturday food

First, breakfast: bacon and eggs, mushrooms and more of our homegrown tomatoes. We’ll probably eat the last of the tomato crop this week or the next. I’ve really enjoyed them.

The bacon was “short cut” – quite lean, but very nice.

Bacon and eggs in the pan

Tomatoes and mushrooms

For fry-ups, Jac likes her eggs over easy. Today she had just one egg.

Jac's breakfast

I like my eggs with soft yolks that I can mop up with my bacon or mushrooms (or toast, when I have toast) once I’ve burst them . Today’s mushrooms were fried with butter and a couple of whole garlic cloves, which roasted in the pan – guess who got to eat the garlic? :-D Jac took the mushrooms stalks off and fried them with the caps, which she left whole. They were very juicy mushroom caps.

My breakfast

Dinner: noodle soup, made with a simple chicken stock (out of a carton, as simple as it gets!), rice noodles, chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, steamed chicken, fish balls and pork balls, topped with fried shallots. The chicken was steamed and then sliced and tossed in a mixture of sesame oil and soy sauce. A very clean, fresh and dare I say healthy-tasting dish.

Rice noodle soup

For sweets, Jac put together a plate of fruit (dates, bananas, prunes, banana, red apple and strawberries) and cheese (tasty cheddar and vintage cheddar). She’s really liking mint leaf garnishes lately, isn’t she? :)

Fruit and cheese

Time for bed now.

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