Family September birthdays dinner – the savoury

On Sunday evening the family got together to celebrate my Dad and brother’s birthdays, which are both in September. My younger sister Juji’s birthday is also in September, but we’re celebrating with high tea next weekend – stay tuned for the photos of that ;).

We had three kinds of Chinese roast/barbecue meats – these were bought, not homemade.

Three meats

Roast duck…

Roast duck

Barbecue pork (char siew)…

Barbecue pork

Roast pork (siew yoke), tender meat striped with tasty fat (yeah, so bad, I know!) and topped with crunchy crackling…

Roast pork

Mum also boiled a whole chicken, rubbed all over with sesame oil and chopped into pieces…

Steamed chicken

…which went with the sliced fresh cucumber…


… and Mama’s chilli sauce…

Mama's chilli sauce

… and garlicky chicken rice!

Garlic rice

Of course we did have a token vegetable dish, which Juji cooked – a delicious assortment of vegies including asparagus, snowpeas, carrots, broccoli, capsicum, baby corn and mushrooms. There was tofu in the dish too – yum.

Stir-fried vegetables

Here’s my plate, with a little bit of everything. I couldn’t get enough of the char siew. It was on the table right in front of me for most of the meal, and I just couldn’t help myself, I kept taking another piece, and then another, and then yet another…

My plate

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