Yes, we had pizza again

Ordering pizza via internet is so easy. And discount codes make it even better. We used the code 9UDY to get 2 large pizzas, 1pack of brownies, 1 cheesy garlic bread and 1.25L Coke for $20.95 from Dominos.

Jac also felt like chicken wings (4 pack, $5.95). They are salty and spicy, like the chicken wing dings I love from the shop at the train station in the city next to Platform 2.

Chicken wings

The cheesy garlic bread is way tastier than the standard garlic bread. Of course, with all that cheese, no doubt it’s way more unhealthy too.

Cheesy garlic bread

We paid an extra $2 for mushrooms on the hawaiian. Shame we didn’t even get one whole mushroom’s worth of mushroom for our money. I don’t mind paying for extras if the amount you get isn’t pitiful!

Hawaiian with mushrooms

The meatlovers was great. We got both pizzas on classic crust. We went through a phase of preferring thin ‘n’ crispy, but I think classic has a more satisfying chew.

Meatlovers pizza

Part of the voucher deal gave us a serve of Brownies. We’ve never felt compelled to order the brownies from Dominos – usually we just get savoury items and don’t bother with dessert items. These are pretty good, but sickly sweet! They taste like ultra-sweetened condensed milk to me, and that dusting of icing sugar gets everywhere!


Caramel malt brownies

The thick chocolate dipping sauce makes the brownies even sweeter!

Caramel malt brownie in dipping sauce

I’m so pleased, a shipment of books I’d ordered from Amazon ages ago finally arrived this week – due to a couple of items being out of stock (I’d requested as few shipments as possible to keep it as cheap as possible) they’d taken quite a long time to arrive – I’d all but forgotten about them. Four Murder, She Wrote novels (A Little Yuletide Murder, Murder in a Minor Key – this one is set in New Orleans, and reading it makes me want to play the old computer game Gabriel Knight 1: Sins of the FathersProvence – to Die for and Coffee, Tea, or Murder), four more novels by Ellen Hart (Immaculate Midnight, An Intimate Ghost, Death on a Silver Platter and No Reservations Required)- plenty to read on the train and at lunch time.

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