Bagels for breakfast

For breakfast this morning we had poppyseed bagels which Jac toasted under the grill. Jac made me scrambled eggs to go with my bagel. She garnished the eggs with chopped green onion tops – the tops of the onions growing in our garden – they smelled so delicious on top of the eggs. With freshly cracked black pepper – fantastic. I love the chewiness of a warm toasted bagel with soft scrambled eggs. So good.

Poppyseed bagel with scrambled eggs

With her bagel, Jac had smoked salmon, cream cheese and sliced fresh spanish onion. Looks kind of messy, but Jac said it was delicious!

Bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese and spanish onion

Bagels go very well with Murder, She Wrote. We’re in the middle of Season 3. Right now as I type this, we’re watching CHiPs, Season 1. I can’t believe when this show first came out, I was only two!

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