Work lunches

I’ve just about caught up. Here are my lunches from this week.

Monday: S and I left the office in search of somewhere we could sit and eat. I wasn’t sure what I felt like, but S knew she definitely wanted something not too unhealthy i.e. no junk food – and not Han’s. Heheh. She’s got nothing against Han’s – she’d just eaten a lot of Thai food lately and didn’t feel like more asian food. We ended up at Cafe Cafe, which is located across the road from the Subiaco train station in Subiaco Square Shopping Centre, close to Toraya. We both chose from the specials board. S had the roasted vegetable fritatta, served with salad (AU$9.90). She enjoyed it, declaring it worth an 8 out of 10, though she’d have liked the fritatta to be a little crispier around the edges.

Roasted vegetable fritatta and salad

I chose the organic beef pie with chips and tomato sauce (AU$9.50). The pie was fantastic, with tasty, meaty gravy. Closer inspection of the filling revealed tiny pieces of carrot as well as the (presumably organic) beef mince… yummy. The pie was so good on its own it didn’t need the tomato sauce, but I was glad to have the sauce for the chips.

Organic beef pie with chips and tomato sauce

Tuesday: I had a late lunch on my own at Han’s. Nicole Jackson, you asked recently about fishballs. Well, here’s fishball egg noodle soup (AU$8.95).

Fishball egg noodle soup

Wednesday: Chad and I returned to Sapori (Shop 3a, 428 Hay Street). Last time we were there, Chad had a focaccia, which she enjoyed. I’d had a rather delicious penne dish and was very keen to try more of their pasta. Spurred on by my ravings about the pasta the last time, Chad chose the spinach and ricotta tortellini.

Spinach and ricotta tortellini

I had the spaghetti and meatballs (in this case, two meatballs!). Utterly yum.

Spaghetti and meatballs

Thursday: Chad’s been singing the praises of wraps at MYO, and I decided to give it a go myself. Basically, what she does is place a selection of fillings in the middle of a flatbread, then folds it over and bungs it on the toasted sandwich maker for a couple of minutes. Chad warned me against loading the flatbread up with too many fillings, and I nearly did this. It really was a miracle that I was able to fold it over and toast it without the contents bursting through. I felt a little self-conscious at the cashier because it looked so large on the tray but evidently nothing fazes the staff at MYO, not exploding stuffed-to-the-limit bread rolls, and not large, flat, toasted wraps resembling the Starship Enterprise. In my wrap I had my usual weird combination of fillings: chicken, sundried tomatoes, cos lettuce, swiss cheese, mushrooms and coleslaw – but seriously, WOW, I had no idea how much better a wrap is than a sandwich! It’s better than a sandwich or bread roll because the flatbread is so much thinner, it’s like a sandwich without the breadiness, which is what often puts me off having a sandwich in the first place. Well, next time I’m at MYO it’ll definitely be a wrap. And that light toasting makes all the difference.

MYO wrap

So much for eating a relatively healthy and/or light lunch. After we demolished our wraps, we realised we still felt peckish. During moments like this it’s great having a partner in crime. We decided to head over to Cafe Cafe and share one of their amazing $5 chocolate brownies.

Unfortunately for us, there were no brownies! In the end, Chad got herself a caramel slice and I grabbed a slice of banana cake. The cake was more bananary than floury, which is always a good thing – see those yellow bits of banana? – but there was so much sugar in it! It was so sweet, waaaay too sweet. A shame, really. The banana would’ve been sweet enough on its own.

Banana cake

Friday: after many weeks of not feeling like goz, this really hit the spot – I had chicken, spinach, sundried tomatoes and mushrooms, and salad on the side (all this cost AU$10.50).


Sitting here with another slice of banana and orange loaf and another cup of tea, watching Imagine Me and You . Apologies for the crappy words… I’m feeling a little down, to be honest.

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