11/10: fried rice with SPAM, ham, champignons, green beans, carrots, peas and egg. Jac knows how much I love SPAM and green beans in fried rice – it’s not a coincidence they both appeared in the dish.

Fried rice

12/10: aioli and stuff to dip into it – chicken nuggets, green beans and homegrown tomato, fresh sliced mushrooms. And for after, apple and orange chunks. A meal designed to be eaten with one’s fingers while sitting at the coffee table in the lounge, in front of the telly.

And while I was busily tucking in, Jac appeared by my side with a batch of her homemade garlic bread, fresh out of the oven.

Homemade garlic bread

14/10: fried chicken – Jac used “Kentucky” seasoning (see this photo). She served it with fresh cucumber, lettuce and grape tomatoes, and a very simple homemade potato salad. We cooked the potatoes in the microwave (I say “we” because I actually did help, in this case!) and then seasoned the potatoes with a little chicken salt and black pepper – the kind that’s pre-ground, rather than freshy cracked. The dressing was very simple – half mayonaise, half aioli. I mixed everything together carefully and Jac added finely chopped homegrown spring onion. Delicious.

Kentucky chicken with potato  salad and salad

16/10: Jac marinated chicken drumsticks in honey and soy and baked them in the oven. That warm, baking, honey smell is so good.

Soy honey chicken drumsticks

The chicken turned out lovely and succulent. We had a couple of drumsticks each with rice and stir-fried oyster sauce vegies and tofu.

Soy honey chicken drumsticks with stir-fried vegetables and rice

I slept in until 8am today – that’s late, for me! I watched some TV, washed the dishes, ate some leftovers for brunch, still felt hungry so cooked up some Indomie, started watching Gilmore Girls on DVD, got hungry again, baked a banana and orange loaf, ate two big slices and had a cup of tea… and now I’m thinking what to have for dinner. Too lazy to cook. If it’s not raining I might walk down to the fish and chippie. But then home delivery Chinese food might be good. Or maybe I can squeeze out just enough effort to cook up another packet of Indomie. Heheheh. “You’re terrible, Muriel.”

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